M. А. Казанбиева, Б. А. Tеpтов, Ф. T. Пожарский


1-Methyl-3-hydroxymethylindazole is prepared by reducing methyl 1-methylindazole-3-carboxylate with lithium aluminum hydride. It is readily acetylated and with thionyl chloride gives 1-methyl-3-chloromethylindazole. The latter reacts with secondary amines to give 1-methyl-3-dialkylaminomethylindazoles, characterized as their methiodides.

Authors: M. A. Kazanbieva, B. A. Tertov, F. T. Pozharskii.

English Translation in Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 1965, 1 (1), pp 86-88


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