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Л. М. Потиха, Р. М. Гуцул, В. А. Ковтуненко, А. А. Толмачев


The reaction of 2-(cyanomethyl)benzoic acid with amines RNH2 (R = Ar, Het, CH2Ar, CH2Het) leads to the formation of the corresponding 3‑NHR‑isoquinolin‑1(2H)‑ones. When R = CH2Ar and CH2Het, there is a side reaction involving hydrolysis of the hydrolytically‑unstable intermediates, derivatives of 2‑(2‑amino‑2‑iminoethyl)benzoic acid, leading to 2‑R‑isoquinoline‑1,3(2H,4H)‑diones.

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Potikha, L. M.; Gutsul, R. M.; Kovtunenko, V. A.; Tolmachev, A. A. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2010, 46, 457. [Khim. Geterotsikl. Soedin. 2010, 575.]

For this article in the English edition see DOI 10.1007/s10593-010-0531-0


amidines; 3-aminoisocarbostyryl; 2-(arylmethyl)- and 2-(hetarylmethyl)isoquinoline-1,3(2H,4H)-diones; 3-hetarylaminoisoquinolin-1(2H)-ones; 3-(hetarylmethyl)aminoisoquinolin-1(2H)-ones; homophthalimide; 2-(cyanomethyl)benzoic acid

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