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К. И. Петко, В. Н. Воробей, А. В. Гутов, А. Н. Чернега
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A method for the cyclization of hexafluoroacetone N-phenylimine derivatives with the formation of benzodiazepine analogs containing trifluromethyl groups has been elaborated. The obtained compounds were characterized by the NMR and mass spectral analysis and by the data from X-ray structural analysis.

Authors: K. I. Petko, V. M. Vorobey, A. V. Gutov, and A. N. Chernega..

English Translation in Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 2013, 49 (8), pp 1172-1179


1,5-benzodiazepines; hexafluoroacetone N-phenylimines; X-ray structural analysis

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