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Виктор В. Семенов, Святослав A. Шевелев, Александр Б. Брускин, Aлександр X. Шахнес, Владимир С. Кузьмин
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N,N'-Dinitromethyl derivatives of 5,5'-dinitrobi(1,2,4-triazole) and 5,5'-dinitrobi(1,2,3-triazole) were used in a sequence of nitration, fluorination, and difluoroamination reactions, providing the respective 2,2'-bis(trinitromethyl)-, 2,2'-bis(dinitro(fluoro)methyl)-, and 2,2'-bis[(N,N-difluoroamino)dinitromethyl] derivatives. The structures of all six products were studied by X-ray structural analysis; their crystal lattices were found to have high density (from 1.831 to 1.959 g/cm3 at 295 K). According to DTA data, the initial decomposition temperature for these compounds was in the range from 107 to 198°С. 2,2'-Bis[dinitro(fluoro)methyl]-5,5'-dinitro-2H,2'H-3,3'-bi(1,2,4-triazole) is of interest for the design of composite high-energy materials, due to its high density (1.959 g/cm3), good thermal stability (initial decomposition temperature 195°С), and the availability of starting materials.

Authors: Victor V. Semenov*, Svyatoslav A. Shevelev, Alexander B. Bruskin, Alexander Kh. Shakhnes, Vladimir S. Kuz'min


nitrotriazoles; (difluoroamino)dinitromethyl group; dinitro(fluoro)methyl group; trinitromethyl group; difluoroamination; fluorination; nitration

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