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Владимир В. Бахарев, Александр А. Гидаспов, Виктор Е. Парфенов
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This review covers the methods applicable for the synthesis of (dinitromethyl)azines: nitration of azine derivatives, azine ring formation, nucleophilic substitution in azine rings by the action of dinitrocarbanions, and denitration of trinitromethylazines. Further reactions with the conservation of dinitromethyl group, as well as its transformations into other functional groups, or modification of other substituents in (dinitromethyl)azines are also considered. Dinitromethylazines are of interest as energetic materials with low sensitivity and as biologically active compounds.

Authors: Vladimir V. Bakharev*, Alexander A. Gidaspov, Victor E. Parfenov


azinyldinitromethyl carbanions; (dinitromethyl)azines; (trinitromethyl)azines; denitration; nitration

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