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Юрий М. Лотменцев, Наталья Н. Кондакова, Артём В. Бакешко, Андрей М. Козеев, Алексей Б. Шереметев
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Oxidation of 4-alkylfurazan-3-amines to the corresponding nitrofurazans was achieved using mixtures of hydrogen peroxide. The volatility of the products as a function of the size of substituent R, has been studied. The phase and relaxation transitions were characterized and the thermodynamic compatibility with polyester urethane was established. The melting points and melting enthalpies of alkylnitrofurazans were determined.

Authors: Yury M. Lotmentsev*, Natalya N. Kondakova, Artem V. Bakeshko, Andrei M. Kozeev, Aleksei B. Sheremetev



nitrofurazans; compatibility with polymers; glass transition; melting; volatility

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