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Игорь Н. Зюзин, Кирилл Ю. Супоницкий, Игорь Л. Далингер
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The reaction of 2,2-bis(methoxy-NNO-azoxy)ethanol nitrate with pyrazole, 3-nitropyrazole, 4-nitropyrazole, or 3,4-dinitropyrazole allowed to obtain the respective N-[2,2-bis(methoxy-NNO-azoxy)ethyl]pyrazoles. In the case of 3-nitropyrazole, only the 3-nitro isomer was formed, while alkylation of 3,4-dinitropyrazole led to a mixture of 3,4- and 4,5-dinitro isomers in 7:1 ratio, which was difficult to separate. The obtained pyrazoles were characterized by 1H, 13C, and 15N NMR spectroscopy. X-ray structural studies were performed for the synthesized 3-NO2, 4-NO2, and 3,4-(NO2)2 derivatives.

Authors: Igor N. Zyuzin*, Kirill Yu. Suponitsky, Igor L. Dalinger


alkoxy-NNO-azoxy compounds; 2,2-bis(methoxy-NNO-azoxy)ethyl group; 3,4-dinitropyrazole; 3-nitropyrazole; 4-nitropyrazole; pyrazole; 1H NMR spectroscopy; 13C NMR spectroscopy; 15N NMR spectroscopy; regioselectivity; X-ray structural analysis

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