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Дмитрий С. Копчук, Ольга С. Тания, Альберт Ф. Хасанов, Алексей П. Криночкин, Игорь С. Ковалев, Татьяна А. Поспелова, Григорий В. Зырянов, Владимир Л. Русинов, Олег Н. Чупахин
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This article provides an overview of the availble literature data about direct CH-functionalization reactions used for introducing alkenyl and alkynyl groups into heterocyclic systems. The information has been systematized according to the type of the experimental procedure and the nature of the (hetero)arene moiety. The time period covered in this review starts from the first example (according to our knowledge) when ethyne moiety was introduced into azaheterocycles using СНfunctionalization in 1961, until the present time. A total of 100 references have been provided.

Authors: Dmitry S. Kopchuk, Olga S. Taniya, Albert F. Khasanov, Alexey P. Krinochkin, Igor S. Kovalev, Tatyana A. Pospelova, Grigory V. Zyryanov*, Vladimir L. Rusinov, Oleg N. Chupakhin


ethynes; (hetero)arenes; ethenes; atom economy; СН-functionalization; nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen

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