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Анастасия С. Козленко, Артем Д. Пугачев, Илья В. Ожогин, Ислам M. иль Суфи, Борис С. Лукьянов
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This review is devoted to the features of isomerization reactions of indoline spiropyrans and the possibilities for their applications as building blocks in the design of molecular machines and ensembles capable of self-organization. Nanoscale systems functioning on the base of changes in geometric parameters and molecular dipole moment when switching between the spirocyclic and merocyanine forms have been considered. The factors that alter the system morphology may be electromagnetic irradiation or the acidity of the medium.



2Н-chromene; indoline; merocyanine; spiropyran; isomerization; molecular machines; photochromism; self-organization.

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