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Михаил Ю. Бруснаков, Александр В. Головченко, Людмила М. Потиха, Владимир С. Броварец
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This review summarizes for the first time the literature data on the methods of constructing with covalent bonds condensed systems based on 1,3-oxazoles, 1,3-thiazoles, imidazoles, phosphorus heterocycles, and their (hetero)benzo analogs. Their biological and optical properties are also considered. Methods of heterocyclization are differentiated depending on the mechanism of the reactions and the structure of the phosphorus ring. Bibliography includes 102 sources and covers the literature up to 2022.

Authors: Mykhailo Yu. Brusnakov, Olexandr V. Golovchenko, Lyudmila M. Potikha*, Volodymyr S. Brovarets


condensed azaheterocycles; imidazole; organophosphorus heterocycles; 1,3-oxazole; 1,3-thiazole

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