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Кирилл С. Корженко, Дмитрий В. Осипов, Виталий А. Осянин, Юрий Н. Климочкин
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The review summarizes the existing methods of the synthesis of 2-aminochromanes. N,O-acetals in which the dihydropyran ring is spiroannulated or condensed with any carbo- or heterocyclic fragment at the b or c bond are not considered in the review because of the wide variety of methods for their preparation. The main attention is paid to (4+2) annulation processes with the participation of o-quinone methide precursors, salicylic aldehydes and their imino derivatives, as well as substitution reactions in chroman-2-ols and conjugated addition to electron-deficient 4H-chromenes.


2-aminochromanes; chroman-2-ols; enamides; enamines; 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde; o-quinone methide; Diels–Alder reaction; Michael reaction.

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