Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (Khimiya Geterotsiklicheskikh Soedinenii) publishes articles, short communications, reviews and minireviews on the synthesis, structure, reactivity and biological activity of heterocyclic compounds including natural products. The journal covers investigations in heterocyclic chemistry taking place in scientific centers of all World countries, extensively including the scientific institutions in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Byelorussia.


is a translation of the journal Khimiya Geterotsiklicheskikh Soedinenii, which is issued by the Latvian Institute of organic synthesis.

Editor-in-Chief: A. O. Terent'ev (Russia)

Deputy Editor : L. G. Voskressensky (Russia)

Deputy Editor: A. Gutnov (Germany)

Managing Editor: M. Teus (Latvia)
Production Editors: A. Amoliņš (Latvia), E. Priede (Latvia), V. Ryabova (Latvia)
Production Editor of English Issue: N. Vereteņņikova (Latvia)

Advisory Board:
O. N. Chupakhin
(Russia), G. Duburs (Latvia), V. G. Kartsev (Russia), M. Makosza (Poland), V. I. Minkin (Russia), H. van der Plas (Netherlands), A. F. Pozharskii (Russia), F. Sauter (Austria), V. Snieckus (Canada), A. A. Tolmachev (Ukraine), B. A. Trofimov (Russia), R. Valters (Latvia), A. V. Varlamov (Russia)

Editorial Board:
V. T. Abaev (Russia), A. V. Aksenov (Russia), L. I. Belen'kii (Russia), N. A. Bumagin (Russia), V. A. Chebanov (Ukraine), V. Gevorgyan (USA), A. V. Gulevskaya (Russia),  S. M. Desenko (Ukraine), V. V. Dotsenko (Russia), A. Kornienko (USA), M. A. Kuznetsov (Russia), T. Opatz (Germany), V. A. Ostrovskii (Russia), A. E. Shchekotikhin (Russia), A. B. Sheremetev (Russia), Yu. G. Shermolovych (Ukraine), V. Z. Shirinian (Russia), V. Ya. Sosnovskikh (Russia), I. V. Trushkov (Russia), M. Turks (Latvia), I. V. Ukrainets (Ukraine), A. V. Vasilyev (Russia), A. N. Vereshchagin ( Russia)

All articles are peer reviewed.

Impact Factor: 1.277 (2020), 1.519 (2019), 1.492 (2018), 1.201 (2017), 0.865 (2016), 0.815 (2015), 0.621 (2014), 0.725 (2013) (Journal Citation Reports®, Thomson Reuters)

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The English translation of the journal Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
is published in New York by Springer Science + Business Media, Inc.



To the attention of the Authors!


We have updated the Instructions to Authors. From the May 1, 2021 onwards the journal ''Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds'' will accept experimental articles (original papers and short communications) only in the presence of a supplementary information file, containing images of the 1H and 13C NMR spectra and high-resolution mass spectra of all new compounds. Please follow the updated

Instructions to Authors (pdf)

when preparing manuscripts. An updated version of the Instructions to Authors can also be found in the

Author Guidelines section.

Editorial Office of the journal ''Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds''

Posted: 2021-02-25
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